Get more value from digital marketing

Vendor Selection

Pick the right software to make marketing more efficient and effective. Use best practice Maturity Assessment and ROI/NPV simulation tools to build solid MarTech business cases.

Marketing Automation

Project management and technical support for marketing automation. System implementation, CRM integration, configuration of campaigns, lead scoring models and onboarding/user training.

Marketing Optimization

Optimize marketing processes and campaigns, reduce acquisition costs and increase conversion using (full-funnel) marketing and sales performance dashboards and customer journey analytics.

MarTech Vendor Selection

Project management, requirements collection, RFI and RFP support.

MarTech Maturity Assessment

Assess and benchmark marketing processes and use of marketing technology with over 100 companies and see how to improve the marketing organization across different business units and country organizations.

MarTech ROI/NPV Calculation

Build a comprehensive business case for marketing technology with our best practice business case (ROI/NPV) simulation tool. The tool uses benchmark data and simulation techniques to give you insight into the impact of marketing technology investments on marketing budgets and sales performance across multiple business units and country organizations.

Marketing Automation Implementation

Implementation, CRM integration, configuration of all basic marketing automation campaigns, lead scoring models and onboarding/user training.

Campaign Management

Campaign strategy, design and configuration of campaign flows, development of landing pages, emails, forms and campaign dashboards.

Partner Marketing Management

Measure and optimize channel marketing ROI and get insight into partner sales forecasts and funnel development.

Customer Journey Optimization

Visualize the customer journey through online and offline marketing channels and optimize content and media.

KPI Frameworks

Ensure marketing contributes to company goals by aligning marketing strategy with programs and campaigns.

Performance Measurement

Monitor marketing and sales results with real-time dashboards, blending data from CRM and Marketing Automation systems, Webdata and social media channels. Use attribution to quantify impact of marketing campaigns and  channels in order to optimize budget allocation.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation onboarding and implementation. Development campaign strategy and lead scoring models. Development of campaigns assets such as landing pages and emails. Measure and improve campaign results.

B2B – Netherlands

Martech Assessment

Marketing maturity benchmark and fit-gap analysis for multiple business units. Advise concerning which marketing technology to acquire in order to optimize marketing planning and production and distribution of marketing campaigns.

IT – South Africa

Martech Business Case

Marketing technology business case simulation (ROI/NPV) using benchmark data and simulation techniques to visualize expected impact on marketing budgets for several European country organizations.

Fashion – UK

Sales Performance Dashboard

Design and development of a sales performance dashboard for large accounts using Qlik Sense.

Professional Services – Netherlands

Content Marketing Platform

Design and development of a content marketing platform, including implementation of a marketing automation software for lead generation.

Financial Services – Netherlands

Lead Generation Tools

Development of interactive content and lead generation tools, such as automated scans, assessments, calculators and landing pages.

B2B – Netherlands

MarTech Projects

Partners are experienced marketing technology experts and content marketing specialists.


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