Marketing Technology Specialist

Your partner in marketing software selection, implementation and optimization.



Software Selection
Expert guidance and best practice frameworks to help your organization select the right marketing software.
Benefit from best practice frameworks and templates to build realistic business cases, collect requirements and create scoring models and RFP documents. Project management and business support to help your teams go from initial long list to short list, vendor selection and contracting.
Business Case
MarTech Implementation
Professional enterprise program management led by experienced senior consultants.
Implementation = technology + organization. Align business teams and architects with software vendor and integration specialists to ensure a smooth platform implementation and launch.
Customer Strategy Implementation
Get the most from marketing technology by enhancing customer experience while reducing costs.
Project management, expertise and support in customer strategy implementation, customer lifecycle management, campaign optimization, personalization and lead management.


Get MarTech ROI Right [Calculator]
The Inferens Marketing Technology business case simulator is a comprehensive ROI calculator. The simulator automatically calculates Net Present Value (NPV) and payback period, based on cost savings, marketing and sales performance lift,  project investments and running costs.
Demand Waterfall on Steroids
Demand planning can be a tough challenge for B2B marketers. A popular approach to setting B2B marketing goals is to ‘reverse the Demand Waterfall’. But this can be misleading. Find out how to improve B2B target setting.
AI in B2B Marketing [Report]
Download the report and learn how AI changes content production, customer journey orchestration, sales automation and marketing analytics. Features 25 marketing tools and explains how they use AI to help marketers optimize marketing campaigns and processes.
Account Based Marketing ROI [Ebook]
ABM gained traction in 2015 and it is still a very popular marketing tactic. Yet many companies cannot measure the ROI of ABM programs. This ebook explains how to track ABM results and outlines the four steps companies can take before building ABM dashboards.


Oracle Eloqua implementation

Marketing automation onboarding and implementation. Development campaign strategy and lead scoring models. Development of campaigns assets such as landing pages and emails. Measure and improve campaign results.

B2B – Netherlands

MarTech Maturity

Marketing maturity benchmark and fit-gap analysis for multiple business units. Advice on which marketing technology to acquire in order to optimize marketing planning and production and distribution of marketing campaigns.

IT – South Africa

MarTech ROI Analysis

Marketing technology business case simulation (ROI/NPV) using benchmark data and simulation techniques to visualize expected impact on marketing budgets for the EMEA, APAC and US marketing organizations.

Pharma – USA

ABM Vendor Selection

Account Based Marketing vendor selection. Requirements collection, desk research, vendor analysis, long list and RFI development. Advice on potential fit short list of vendors to consider for negotiations.

B2B – Netherlands

Content Marketing Platform

Content marketing platform for finance professionals, including implementation of a marketing automation software and campaign development with the goal to drive awareness and to generate leads.

Financial Services – Netherlands

Email Vendor Selection and Implementation

Email vendor selection and insourcing of operational email capabilities. Initiate RFP, align Marketing, IT, Finance, Procurement and Leadership teams on business case and prioritization. Vendor selection and project lead for implementation.

Energy – Netherlands

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