Top-X MarTech Database

The Top-X MarTech database contains the most popular marketing platforms per category. Only tried and tested tools that are widely adopted and recognized by leading analysts are included, so you can quickly create your vendor selection long list. 

Quickly Create Your Vendor Selection Long List

The INFERENS Top-X MarTech database only includes platforms that meet a number of criteria to ensure only tried and tested tools fit for large corporates and enterprises are included.


The dashboard allows for filtering vendors using criteria such as MarTech category, company size and country (HQ) and includes:

  • 72 Customer Data Platforms
  • 50 Marketing Automation Platforms
  • 39 MRM/DAM/PIM Platforms
  • 36 CMS / Web Content Management Platforms
  • 36 CRM Platforms
  • 28 Email Marketing Platforms
  • 27 Conversational AI Platforms
  • 20 Journey Orchestration & RTIM Platforms
  • 20 ABM Platforms

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